Where Your Money Goes

StreetSmart is not a charity… but we do fundraise on behalf of homeless charities Focus IrelandPeter McVerry TrustStepping Stone and the Mendicity Institution. Everybody involved with StreetSmart has given their time, energy and talent for free. They are just people who care about the crisis of Homelessness in our city and want to do something to help. From the table-card design, to our website, our printing and all the legwork involved in signing up the restaurants, is done for free on a voluntary basis. Every penny of the money raised by each restaurant at the end of the campaign is passed on directly to the charities above. Not a penny of which is used by us to run the campaign.

Peter McVerry Trust is committed to reducing homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage. Peter McVerry Trust provides low‐threshold entry services, primarily to younger persons with complex needs, and offers pathways out of homelessness based on the principles of the Housing First model and within a framework that is based on equal opportunities, dignity and respect.

Focus Ireland believes that a secure home is crucial to a person’s health, identity and a fair chance in life. Focus Ireland work tirelessly to help everyone who goes to them to move on from homelessness and rebuild their lives. From providing advice and information, a hot meal to education and training, childcare services and emergency and long term housing, your support means that Focus Ireland can give the help that is needed every step of the way.

The Mendicity Institution is the oldest working charity in Dublin. Established in 1818, it has been creating opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, isolation and marginalisation to live better lives. They are inclusive, innovative and provide quality service to all people who come to them. In 2016, they served over 20,000 meals and offered assistance to more than 200 homeless service users with more than a quarter of the service users have secured employment.

Stepping Stone provides affordable accommodation to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We own properties across Dublin and offer a fixed term lease with support. We work with each tenant towards a sustainable, independent long-term home. We do this in partnership with Dublin Local Authorities and homeless and advocacy services. Stepping Stone seeks to deliver an innovative housing solution in a professional, client centred and honest way. We set out to ensure that those we work for have access to appropriate and safe accommodation and are given practical supports in an open way.

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